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As part of our plan to introduce new courses and experiences to the Academy, we are delighted to bring to you an exclusive half day workshop at the Secret Herb Garden for those keen to understand the role and impact of botanicals, particularly with regards to gin making.

The unique workshop, run by Hamish Martin, owner of the Secret Herb Garden, includes a tour of the garden and an insightful journey into 12 key botanicals which takes you through the whole process from growing and harvesting to the unusual drying processes advocated by Hamish which involves no chemicals; simply time, dehumidifiers and fans.

In his previous career, Hamish owned and ran the very successful wine merchants, Inverarity Vaults. However, as his passion for herbs grew, he decided to sell this company and embark on a Herbology Diploma at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Edinburgh. Following graduation, Hamish and his wife set up the Secret Herb Garden – a beautiful nursery, restaurant and café where people can experience herbs in their natural form and learn about their different medicinal, culinary and decorative attributes.

Hamish is now considered the ‘botanical expert’ and has been consulted by numerous gin distilleries in creating their product range. He also teaches modules for the Royal Botanical Gardens for students on their Diploma.

Hamish has devised this workshop in partnership with the Edinburgh Whisky Academy, to offer a comprehensive and interactive morning, which will enable you to understand how individual botanicals behave and how to blend base botanicals with single plant distillate to create magic. There is also the opportunity for some all important tasting!

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