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Our three diplomas – which are fully accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority – are designed for those seeking a comprehensive understanding of whisky, including its history and traditions, production process, maturation and the rather pleasant business of tasting and swallowing it. People wanting to know, for example, that when it comes to flavour, the shape of the still is more important than the type of barley or the water source. Or that whisky matured in a toasted cask will be sweeter than one in a charred cask (it’s all to do with vanillins, by the way).

Boost your career

The courses we offer are: the Diploma in Single Malt Whisky ( 2 days), Introduction to Whisky Certificate (online), Gin Workshop (1/2 day) and the Diploma in Gin ( 1 day).  Participants will leave with a potentially career-enhancing professional qualification. All are welcome but they are particularly suitable for:

● Brand managers and ambassadors ● Whisky professionals ● Whisky bloggers and writers ● Hospitality professionals ● Spirits retailers ● Serious whisky enthusiasts ● Distillery guides

Please don’t forget that our diplomas are transferable, too, and they make a highly original gift for friends, family and business colleagues!

Introduction to Whisky Certificate

A new approach to learn and explore whisky for those in the hospitality industry or those looking to expand their whisky knowledge journey within a class of no more than 20 students per course. 

• Approximately 10 hours online study time
• Covers key aspects of whisky education, knowledge and process
• SQA Award

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Diplomas In Whisky & Gin

We currently offer a choice of three different Diplomas all with no more than 20 students on each course. The world's first Diploma in Gin with leading Gin guru, Geraline Coates; a one of a kind Diploma in Single Malt Whisky and The Diploma in the Art of Tasting Whisky. 

• All courses are SQA certified
• Diplomas are available for group bookings in the workplace or other venue of choice
• Full calendar of dates throughout the year available for booking now

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Gin Workshops

As part of our plan to introduce new courses and experiences to the Academy, we are delighted to bring to you an exclusive half day workshop at the Secret Herb Garden, for those keen to understand the role and impact of botanicals, particularily with regards to gin making. 

A comprehensive and interactive morning in the company of esteemed Hamish Martin, who will take you on a journey of discovery on all things botanical. 

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