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Diploma in The Art of Tasting Whisky

Our unique, sensory-focused Diploma in the Art of Tasting Whisky celebrates one of the great skills of the whisky world, the ability to trace a dram’s journey all the way to your glass simply by ‘nosing’ and tasting.

Over one day, this fully accredited course, written and delivered by a leading industry expert, will focus on whisky’s many flavours, how they are created and how we perceive them via our olfactory and taste senses. What are the different classes of important flavour compounds? How do we discriminate whisky flavours? How do they change after whisky is poured into a glass, or with the addition of water or mixers?

You will also learn how the production process is tweaked to create different styles of whisky, the use of a ‘flavour wheel’ to describe a particular whisky and, most important of all, how to conduct a whisky tasting with clients, colleagues and friends.

The Diploma in the Art of Whisky Tasting is currenly under development with an expected launch in Autumn 2017.  This Diploma will benefit all those who host whisky tasting sessions, such as brand ambassadors, hospitality professionals and the serious enthusiast looking to entertain friends or colleagues.

Course length: 1 day

Preparatory reading: 4 hours

Who is it aimed at? Whisky professionals, whisky tasters, brand ambassadors, spirits retailers, bar managers and staff, whisky entrepreneurs, whisky writers and bloggers, whisky enthusiasts

 Venue: Arniston House (or, for groups, a venue of your choice)