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Here's what some of our past candidates have said....

Fantastic experience which was more beneficial than countless distillery visits!

Richard, Whisky Journalist

I have really enjoyed the course and it will help my future working in the whisky industry. I will recommend it to all my bartenders!

Steven, Whisky Ambassador

It's a very interesting course and provided insightful information from the lecturer through a variety of means. This knowledge will undoubtably help me in my work.

Callum, Whisky Blender & Spirits Quality Leader

An excellent and thorough exploration of single malt whisky. A very good learning environment and atmosphere.

Brendan, Whisky Enthusiast

Full of details of the process. It is a must-do course for whisky lovers and employees!

Yuhan, Whisky Enthusiast

The EWA course is vital to anyone looking to better understand whisky, whether for work or enjoyment.

Marcus, Whisky Bar Specialist

Very comprehensive and informative, Vic was a fantastic teacher. Arniston is the perfect location and there was a great atmosphere on both days. Delicious lunch too!

Claire, Whisky-related Industry